What is the difference between male and female sex drive?

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Research shows that the male body contains more testosterone and androgens, which makes their sex drive higher than that of women. So what is the difference in sex drive between men and women?

1. How does sex drive in different genders change?

There is still no unified definition of sexual desire across genders and the mechanism of action of this phenomenon. However, sexual desire can be understood as a wide range of very different manifestations. For women, libido often changes with the menstrual cycle, during which time of ovulation, a woman's sex drive is as strong as a man's. In addition, female sex desire is also influenced by factors such as:
Body health: the use of drugs or stimulants such as alcohol and drugs can affect hormone levels in the body. Females lead to a decrease in sexual desire. Mental: The negative psychological effects of stress, fatigue or depression all reduce sex drive in women. Hormones: Hormonal changes during menopause can be responsible for decreased sexual arousal in women as well as feelings during sex. In addition, cases of complete hysterectomy can also lead to an imbalance in estrogen and progesterone levels, causing the vagina to dry and the lining to thin. For men, sexual needs and desires will change depending on a certain age as follows:
Peak period (20-30 years old): is the period when a man's sexual desire is not only high, but also easily stimulated, leading to a fairly frequent sex life. The average period (30-40 years old): is the period when a man's physiological function is no longer full, but he still has stable control and moderate sex drive. Decline period (40-50 years old): is the period when libido begins to decline, sexual excitement becomes slower. The period after the age of 50: the need and ability to have sex decreases, but there are still some people who have a period of spring with a stronger and then weaker sex drive.
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2. What's the difference between male and female sex drive?

The reality of sexual desire depends not only on gender but also on age and each specific object. However, in general, the difference between sexual desire in men and women in the following points:
Men often have more sexual desire than women: while most women will enter menopause Menstruation after the age of 50 leads to a decline in libido, adult men under 60 have a fairly frequent sexual need. Men are more passionate about sex: men are often more sexually aroused than women from the moment they first fall in love and many years later. In some cases, men are even more inclined to seek out unhealthy and illegal sexual methods to satisfy their needs. Arousing female libido is more complex: the emotions during a woman's sexual intercourse are quite complex and not necessarily as progressive as a man's are excitement, excitement, peak score and return to normal. For women, physical arousal may precede the psychological experience of lust, while lust precedes arousal. Women's sexual desire is heavily influenced by socio-cultural factors: women's attitudes, expressions and sexual desires are more influenced by the external environment than men. The difference in orgasm time: According to research, it takes men 4 minutes from the beginning of intercourse to the time of ejaculation, while it takes women more than 10 minutes to reach orgasm. Besides, the ability of women to orgasm is also much lower than that of men with only about one-third of the time having intercourse.

It can be seen that sexual desire in men and women always has different points and is influenced by a few objective and subjective factors. Therefore, in order for your sex life to always be harmonious and sublimated, you should actively discuss with your partner the problems you are facing so that there are positive solutions.
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